We collaborate across borders and industries.

Why DesignThinkers Group?

In this world of hyper-competition, you can count on someone uncovering new opportunities that lead to untapped value. It could be your market nemesis. More likely, it will be a hungry team of entrepreneurs that simply don’t care about the status quo.

We can help you look at problems differently, tap into the creativity of your employees and your customers, and discover innovative ways to serve your key stakeholders. As a multi-disciplinary organization with teams in 20 countries around the world, DesignThinkers Group has a unique breadth and depth of expertise that can help you leverage the power of design thinking.

How we work

Our approach is not cookie cutter. We help you tackle on a problem, big or small, using the methodology, tools and mindset of design thinking. We invest in building a relationship with you, gaining an understanding of your organization, your stakeholders and the broader context of the problem. Then, together we design a customized approach to your challenge, with a constant focus on tapping into the existing creativity and knowledge the people in your organization.

The DesignThinkers Group USA

Our people come from different cultures, geographies, disciplines and backgrounds – we thrive on diversity of thought and perspective. We don’t just talk about change, we live it every day, we experiment, iterate and genuinely have fun helping our clients succeed.

Marc Bolick, Managing Partner – USA

Adriana Dolnyckyj, Managing Partner – Canada

Joel Van Dyke, Founding Partner

David Esch, Senior Service Designer

Eric Gorman, Service & Visual Designer

Emily Holmes, UX & Service Designer

Terri Burch, Service Designer

Rose Doyle, Marketing and Operations Manager

The Global DesignThinkers Team

Mark Watson, Partner

Markus Stolsser, Co-Founder
Manuel Grassler, Co-Founder

Eduardo Loureiro, Co-Founder
Marcos Machado, Co-Founder
Julius, Co-Founder

Adriana Dolnyckyj, Founding Partner

Alfredo Osorio, Managing Director

Greater China
Yvonne Wen, Managing Partner

Petra Pecarevic Dolezil, Founding Partner

Remi Edart, Partner

Germany & Spain
Daniela Marzavan, Partner

Arne van Oosterom, Founding Partner
Marjo Staring, Founding Partner
Tim Schuurman, Partner
Edoardo Costa, Service Designer

Pedro Janeiro, Partner

South Africa
Robert Bloom, Partner

Jorge Rodriguez, Managing Director

James Rock, Managing Director
Emma Jeffries, Senior Associate

Uruguay & Argentina
Giselle Della Mea, Managing Director